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Vipul Shah


Prakruti Shah


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John Bahlman


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Michael Shen

Staff Pharmacist


Rachel Stanley

Rachel has been working in the Pharmacy since 2016. She enjoys medication compounding and filling medications for animals, as she herself is an animal lover. She is the proud “cat mom” to Myrtle, who is 21 years old.

Rachel’s hobbies include marine biology, writing and reading.

"I am happy to work in an environment where I can have a more personal relationship with customers, greet them by name, and keep in touch with how they are doing. I love the fact that we can also help get and keep animals healthy while helping customers save money in the process.”

Kendall Mayton

Pharmacy Technician


Chris Staggs

Chris has been working in the Pharmacy for two years. He really enjoys learning about how drugs work in the body. He is currently applying to medical school with the goal of becoming a Medical Doctor. His hobbies include spending time with his family and playing Runescape.

“I like working for Benzer Pharmacy because it allows me to make sure our patients are educated and understand how to use their medications. I enjoy using my skills to help them save money by getting them registered for coupons and getting their medications approved through their insurance when needed.”